Our Beautiful Desert

Springtime in the Desert


Five Things You Might Want to Know . . .

At this point in my life, I am consumed, possessed, and obsessed with writing fiction. And Loving It!

I love book signings, too, and any opportunity to meet new friends and readers and chat about writing.

I spend as much time as possible writing and re-energizing in the mountains of Colorado.

My 3rd boyfriend was Elvis Presley’s last rhythm guitar player. (Stop doing the math.)

I was an avid reader all my life, but my genius brother could read when he was only two years old – a tough act to follow.

Five More That I’m Willing to Admit . . .

Most women lie about their age; I lie about my height.

I disliked writing until 1984. (Someday, I may admit to why that is so.)

If I get too close to freshly baked bread, it will disappear.

I want to write a sexy, steamy book, but too scared to do it.

If I have a broken or rough-edged fingernail, I must fix it before I can continue writing.


During my college days, sitting around with my “intellectual” friends, we’d drink coffee and smoke cigarettes while discussing important things. I think I was the only one faking it in all three areas. But, I do drink coffee now.

Cricket Rohman grew up in Estes Park, Colorado, and spent her formative years among deer, bobcats, coyotes, and beautiful blue columbine. Today she is a full-time author writing about the great outdoors, teachers, dogs, love, laughter, and life’s little mysteries—think romantic suspense.

Prior to writing, Cricket’s career path included the following jobs: actor, singer, audio/video producer, classroom teacher, school principal, and U of A, College of Education assistant professor.

Cricket’s 2023 fall releases include:

Phoebe’s Photo Follies

Anna’s Animal House

Caitlin’s Cow Wash

Tina’s Tasty Tours


Cricket’s 2022 fall releases include:

Autumn’s Ghost (new, first edition)

Winter’s Blush (revised, second edition)

Summer’s Island (revised, second edition)

Cricket’s McAllister Brothers series includes four romantic western adventures:





And, yes. All four books are works of fiction. REALLY! (Well, except for the part about the dog; Cricket really had a dog like Oatie, the cattle dog, who appears in every book in the series.)


Partial Publishing History

Welcome to Berrysville:  The Frog and the Mouse, 30 minute TV pilot

Cricket’s Themes (6 anthologies) The Wright Group Publishers

Song Box Books, McGraw-Hill Education. Including:  Monster Party, Fee-Fie-Foe-Fum, Gary the Ghost

Literacy Centers, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, Cricket and Lisa Presents Shared Reading with Desert Songs and Poems, Cricket and Lisa Presents

Ray’s Readers Series (76 titles, 5 teacher editions), Zaner-Bloser Publishing Including:  The Songbird, Out West, Sniffles, The Scary Fog, and The Ant

Volumes 1 and 2 in the Snapping, Clapping, Poems for Kids collection

Fourteen additional novels


Partial Speaking History

U of A Professional Development Seminar:  “Elementary Classroom Management.”

“The Joy of Reading and Writing” at Jonathan’s Educational Resources.

“Principals and Literacy Specialists Team Up” SW Regional International Reading Association, Arlington, TX.

“The Birth of an Author:  You Could Be Next” U of A Conference on Literature and Literacy.

“Literacy Is Fun:  Pass It On” Keynote address.  Plains Regional IRA, Bismarck, ND.

“Writing For and With Children” IRA, Orlando, FL.