Wild Weddings

Wild Weddings

Series: The McAllister Brothers, Book 4

Two ranch-owning cowboys team up with two city gals. The trouble the couples encounter becomes a life-threatening mystery.

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About the Book

Hannah and Ivy win an undeveloped ranch property in Wyoming. They each fall in love with a McAllister rancher, and there is talk of two weddings in the not-so-distant future. Get married and develop the ranch. Simple, right? Were these matches made in heaven? Not quite.

The trouble begins with a woodland explosion and unimaginable vandalism, followed by written threats against the McAllisters. The only thing that makes sense is their strong love and devotion for each other. But then along come bouts of jealously, odd illnesses, and even a missing foster child.

Despite the frustrating roadblocks, Ivy and Hannah are still determined to have their cake—marry the men they love—and eat it too—develop a business on their new land.

Eventually, Troy and Ivy, Trace and Hannah feel as if they are playing a real-life game of Clue. “We’ve got the guns but no monkey wrench.” Ah, a needed moment of levity. Has the Lucky Seven Curse come back to haunt them? Would the women be forced to choose between their weddings and their ranch project . . . or give it all up?

After many stressful challenges, the men plan an extraordinary surprise for their women, but one more unforeseen obstacle and a magic whistle surprises everyone.

If you’re fans of Jessie Gussman or Carolyn Brown’s Long, Hot Texas Summer, then you’ll gallop with enthusiasm through Cricket Rohman’s contemporary ranch-family series. Start reading Wild Weddings and watch out for the buffalo.

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While each story is complete – no cliffhangers, merely gently persuasions – the series is best when read in order.

  • Book 5 coming next year

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