Anna’s Animal House

Anna’s Animal House

Anna’s new life began the moment she caught a glimpse of the flashing red light. “Time is of the essence,” the attorney had said. There was no turning back now. But what was up ahead? Secrets. Mysteries. Love.

When Anna hears the shocking news that she has a great aunt demanding to see her—her only living blood relative—Anna boards a plane and heads to the old woman’s bedside in a Seattle Hospital.

At Great Aunt Adelaide’s insistence, Anna signs a paper, without reading the fine print, that makes her the owner of the Golden Creek Ranch. She takes a leave of absence from her teaching job in Arizona to sort things out, knowing nothing about ranch life or animals.

Dan, the local veterinarian, is helpful but, at the same time, hostile—he’d expected to own this property upon Adelaide’s death. Will their love for animals and the dangers they face bring them closer together? Anna’s life, though fascinating, is complicated as her quest to create income begins . . .

If you enjoy reading books that include a creative woman, a little romance, a little mystery, and a happy ending, you’ll love ANNA’S ANIMAL HOUSE. FYI—This story may induce the desire to converse with wild animals, keep a journal, or pan for gold.

Start reading this fast and fun book in the Creative Hearts Sweet Romance series today!

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