Caitlin’s Cow Wash

Caitlin’s Cow Wash

One young woman ~ One great idea ~ One handsome cowboy

Caitlin Brown, a country girl, tells her charming story of determination, mistakes, and life-changing experiences.

Caitlin feels trapped and out of place living in an old-fashion Leave It To Beaver household. She intends to divulge her plan for independence…right after blowing out the candles on her cake.

A perfect, win-win solution comes along. Caitlin moves to Clifton Junction and house-sits for her best friend, Lisa. Her first problem? No jobs. What will she do? Ah-ha! She’d always been a compulsive neat freak—one more reason to doubt her genetics—so she starts her own cleaning business.

Despite Caitlin’s creative, hard work, everything that could go wrong does go wrong. She looks up from her broken-down car and sees a handsome man sitting on a horse. He must have read her sign, GOT DIRT? I’VE GOT BUBBLES because he said, “My name is Cooper, and I’ve got some dirt.”

Cooper was her first customer…and her last. This small town had no use for another cleaning lady. Fate offers an opportunity that leads her to success—and an adorable puppy.

There is more to Cooper than meets the eye. His true identity unfolds slowly, though the residents of Clifton Junction know him well.

If you enjoy reading books that include a creative woman, a little romance, a little comedy, and a happy ending, you’ll love CAITLIN’S COW WASH. FYI—This story may induce the desire to polish furniture, get a puppy, or spend time with a cowboy.

Start reading this fast and fun book in the Creative Hearts Sweet Romance series today!

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