What does the test say? Good Question.

This time of year, as we approach some of those high stakes tests given to our children, we think about paper and pencil tests of academic skills. WHAT DOES THE TEST SAY?  Find out below.


Ah, the world of testing. It certainly has taken many turns, shapes, names, lengths, etc., But testing is likely here to stay, at least in some form. We all take more tests than we realize—we all pay more taxes than we realize, too, but that’s another story for another time.

Color Blind Test from Today.com

There are eye tests, driving tests, too many medical tests to even mention. You might test the waters or take a test run. Then there’s the inkblot test. Did you ever take one of those? No, me either. But I see mean moths landing on fairies. Wonder what that means.

A Rorschack Inkblot

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