YOU, of course, but I’ll need your help.

If you happened to see my very first blog post, you’ll know why I’m writing what I’m writing today.
I am looking at YOU!

If not, you can see that entire first blog right here. In the meantime, here’s a snippet from that post:

Welcome to my blog and my very first blog post . . . ever.
Before you ask, “What’s this? Another blog?” Please keep reading for just a minute. And, yes, this is a blog, but it won’t be like any other. Why? Because I do not know how to blog. This blog will be about you and me chatting about things that interest us. 
Yes, I do have several areas of expertise, and so do you. We will get to those in the near future. Until then . . .
Well, the ‘near future’ is . . . now.
A rose is a rose
So I’m ready to talk about you, 
your expertise, your interests, 
your thoughts, your hobbies,
your favorite colors, foods,
activities, or just about anything
in the PG-13 arena. (OK, there 
could be a few exceptions
like when I mention Elle J. Lawson’s 
soon-to-be-released erotic romance. Or you mention ?????)
A beautiful wall of books                  
Though I am an avid reader, 
I’m not a mind reader. I do know 
that some of you that follow this blog love dogs and cats, food, (well, who doesn’t?) and mystery, but help me out; let’s add a few more topics about your interests or expertise and chat about those.
And/or, you could just listen to this YouTube Boy Band, McFly, sing It’s All About You. 

What else shall we explore together?

Thanks for stopping by,

A Tell All Tuesday post