Sight is a wonderful thing; not something to take for granted. Just looking at a smiling dog, a giggling baby, a beautiful flower, a breathtaking sunrise or

Photo from Bonnie Lee.

sunset creates a glorious feeling within. 

But what you see is not always what is really there, or so it would seem. Otherwise, how can a dozen people witness or watch the same event, but when asked what they saw, the answers vary—sometimes greatly. Ah, the eye-witness.

Some images are designed to fool our eyes. 

Optical illusions! 

And they come in all shapes, sizes, colors and content.

Look at this photo.

 Can you see the lake? Or . . . ?

Check out the colorful parrot. 

It’s a parrot, right? Or . . .?

Have you seen anything colorful, memorable, or optically illusional recently? 

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