It’s that time of year again when some of us think about the cravings we have that we’d rather not have.  And, the not having them . . . is not that simple. That’s where a few of those New Year’s Resolutions come in. There are those that say, “What’s the point? No one keeps them anyway.” Okay, that’s probably true, but I see no harm in thinking positive and acknowledging that a few modifications might be a good thing.
I know this will be great !

I am crazy for carbs. The bread, pasta, and potato carbs, which means I need to start craving exercise. If you haven’t already figured it out, today’s cravings will be limited to food. Of course we have others, but those are for another day, after we know each other a little better.

Can you name two foods that you LOVE, but you know they might not be the healthiest or best choice for your body? If you had to give up one of them, could you? Here’s my example:  Cravings are creeping in. I’m faced with some really, really delicious bread (homemade is the best) and high quality dark chocolate—I love them both. Which could I give up? Or, perhaps the better question is, which should I give up?
Five days worth of dark chocolate !

All I know is that one piece of strong dark chocolate will satisfy that specific craving of mine for the entire day. One slice of excellent-tasting bread, (maybe it’s warm, homemade and right out of the oven) and I want another slice, then another. More is even better. No, no, no! Step away from the bread. 

Honestly, every once in a while I do crave cooked carrots. Really. But now with all this talk of food, I’ve worked up an appetite. Here is my compromise for today–I’ll bake some carrot bread. What do you like to eat or bake?

Who could resist these cute carrots ?