Do you have a Bucket List? Just last week I caught myself saying that I should add Get a Part in a Western Movie . . . via pinterest
Or, maybe not.

to my bucket list–which did not yet exist. Of course it didn’t exist. I saw that movie; bucket lists were for those older than myself.

Being a curious person, a little research ensued. Click HERE for a site about bucket lists. There are all types of bucket lists on the Internet and many of them were created by people younger than me. For example:

* Catch a bride’s bouquet           

(It’s a little late for that one.) 

A little lower & slower please.

* Go zip lining  

(Instead of clothes lining.)

* Watch the ball drop in Times Square 

(No! Never! I have a thing about crowds.)

Beautiful Sandra Bullock

* Attend the Oscars 

(No! Win an Oscar.)                 

* Camp on a beach

(Only if I have my memory foam bed and a gun.)

* Find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop

(I have no comment on that one.)

* Go on a road trip with a best friend

(I wrote a book about A ROAD TRIP instead.)


But, seriously, I am going to begin a real bucket list. Some items for now and others for later. 

How about you?

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