Remember when you couldn’t wait to be older? First we just wanted to hit double digits, then life would be so cool when we got to be a teenager. Oh, sweet sixteen couldn’t come fast enough.

We wanted to be eighteen so we wouldn’t have to do what are parents said we had to do. (One of the early myths we fell for or were we the ones that made it up?) Okay, so twenty-one might be the best—a very good year. We could begin with a champagne toast.

Remember all that? Those days are gone, at least for me they are. Alas, today I celebrate another birthday. It is great to be alive. I’m not complaining. Live is good. Tonight I will eat cake and tomorrow I will spend an extra thirty minutes at the gym. Or maybe not. I know there will be far more than cake involved, hopefully.

My best birthday ever was the year Jerry took me to a quaint mountain Inn for dinner, live entertainment, and lots thoughtful little gifts that did not come from Walgreens.(That’s another story for another day.)

Pretty Birthday Cake

January 31 Birthdays

Zane Grey
Jean Simmons
Ernie Banks
Minnie Driver
Justin Timberlake

What was your best birthday like?
If you could plan your own birthday fun, and the cost was no object, what might that look like?  Dream on.

Happy Birthday to all you January babes. 

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