One more thing almost no one knows—

I once was a mouse. Yes, you read that right. Hard to believe, huh? Back in the day (that phrase always makes me laugh) acting, performing was my favorite past time. So . . . I wrote my first script, gathered my actor friends and produced the children’s TV pilot for Welcome to Berrysville. The original cast is featured below.

The rabbit, the tiny bee, and the porcupine? My three sons. (Hey, Hollywood does that all the time.) The cast and crew were THE BEST! We had a blast. Most resided in San Diego. Only the lead frog and the director, Francis Grummon (not sure I spelled that right–it was many years ago) came down from Los Angeles. A belated shout out to DAVE MICHAELS, a fantastic songwriter/musician who performed the theme music “A Frog Went A-Courting” for the production.


The cast of The Frog And The Mouse
on location in the hills east of San Diego

Is there anything about YOU that almost no one knows? And that you are willing to tell the world? 

Remember THE THING from one of my previous posts? OMG! So many comments showed up here and on facebook. Made my day. Thank you. OK. As promised, I will explain . . .
I’m lookin’ at YOU!

It’s simple really. When I opened up a new oval-shaped container of ice cream this alien face was staring up at me. Kind of creepy. Never had a face in my ice cream before. I had second thoughts about actually eating it. But . . . it was CHOCOLATE ice cream. Alien gone!
That is how I came to see the thing. It is still a mystery to me just how it came to be. Any scientists out there?

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