AUTUMN’S GHOST, of course.

A new standalone novel in the Fantasy Maker series.

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This is the book's cover.

      All she wanted to do was help Ranger with his inheritance project. What could go wrong?

Autumn’s first lie was a whopper!

She’d been a very good girl for twenty-two years until a spectacular gift landed in her lap. 

She lied to her wealthy, overprotective parents. She had to. Her boldness came easier than expected but not without some guilt and a disquieting concern for bad karma.

During the flight from her home in Florida to New Hampshire, Autumn questioned her own wisdom. She knew nothing about her benefactor, and her parents knew nothing about her secret adventure. Where had she found the nerve for such a quest?

Still, this October vacation awarded by the Fantasy Maker could be the perfect activity to prepare her for a graduate program in photography. However, nothing could have prepared her for Ranger, the handsome Forest Service pilot.

Fate took over quickly, and sparks danced between them. Autumn snapped fantastic fall photos and helped Ranger with his odd, spooky inheritance project.

Autumn loved Halloween with all the pumpkins, witches, cider, and such. Life was good. What could possibly go wrong? She relished the feeling of independence too until an unseen nemesis changed all that goodness with rude, unthinkable pranks making Ranger furious.

Bad karma had arrived with a vengeance.

If you enjoy adventure stories that include a little romance, a little mystery, and a beautiful, quaint setting with a holiday theme, you’ll love Autumn’s Ghost.