April Fools’ Day, also called All Fools’ Day, is celebrated every April 1st in the United States. It is not officially recognized as a holiday, though many celebrate by playing practical jokes or even hoaxes on their family, friends, teachers or colleagues. When I was a classroom teacher, this was NOT my favorite day and I secretly hoped that April 1st would fall on the weekend.

Are you picky or let’s say selective about your candy? Then you might not like this April Fools joke. On the other hand, you might love it.

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Looks good to me.

This video take a few minutes, but it is very funny! And, it is one of the few videos I found that was NOT just plain mean. April Fools should not be about “mean.” The funny part comes toward the end of the video.

A student plays a joke on her professor!

April Fools’ is celebrated in different ways throughout the world. Exactly how the tradition originated is unknown. Some cultures saw it as the first day of spring or the first day of the year. One theory for the terming of an April Fool was that if someone refused to recognize April 1st as the first day of the year, they’d be called an April Fool. But really? No one knows.

If your computer is a major player in your life, then you know what your initial reaction would be to the joke below.

from www.instructables.com
Be still my heart. 

Oh, my. An office filled with packing peanuts? That could be trouble, fun trouble. It is not quite as difficult to pull off as it looks. (Please don’t do this to me, though.)

from hacknmod.com
This might be a good day to work from home.

Then there are the major hoaxes:

Millionaire auctions off iceberg: in 1978, a businessman and adventurer named Dick Smith announced he would be towing an iceberg from Antarctica to break into smaller cubes for sale. He advertised that these Antarctic ice cubes would freshen the taste of any drink for the price of ten cents a cube. The media was on site in the Sydney Harbor to report on the barge towing the iceberg, which was revealed to actually be sheets covered with shaving cream and fire extinguishing foam. — from Wilstar.com. 

Do you participate in April Fools pranks? 

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